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Monday, August 18, 2008

Caucasian Origins: What do we know??

Oculocutaneous albinism (OCA) is a rare, genetically inherited condition passed on by both parents to their offspring, resulting in a significant reduction in or absence of pigmentation in the hair, skin, and eyes at birth. Individuals with albinism are very fair-skinned and fair-haired, with (most often) blue eyes that can take on tones of purple or red in bright lighting.

But due to such lack of knowledge as to why their "white skinned" off springs came about, African mothers and fathers became more and more fearful and suspicions and began to separate their growing number of "white skinned" off springs away from the "black skinned" (pigmented) population.

Eventually most of the "white skinned" off springs of "African" mothers and fathers formed several groups and began to migrate northward through Egypt to another area of Africa which is now called Europe, seeking a more hospitable living environment and to escape the intensity of the equatorial hot climate of the great river valleys and great lakes region of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa which was then and still is South of what is now called Egypt.

The "albino" group moved up in the mountainous area during the Ice Age or Glaciations period that lasted thousands of years further isolating themselves from their original parent population in Africa. And by being in such isolated living condition for such a prolonged period they also interbred (within the existing parent groups) thereby creating additional "albino" offspring from "albino" mothers and fathers who were then and still are direct descendents of African mothers and fathers.


White-skinned people came into existence thousands of years ago as the Albino mutant offspring of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa. A sizable number of these Black parents produced, rejected and then cast out of the community their genetic defective albino offspring to live away from the normal black skin-pigmented population. There were colonies of albinos formed which eventually migrated northward to Europe, to escape the intensity of the equatorial sun of the Southern hemisphere (Welsing, 23).

During Biblical times Albinos were ostracized. The same thing is happening today when Albinism occurs in society. Albinos are ostracized by their own families--especially in Black families where the difference in skin color is more distinct. The ostracizing of Albinos during Biblical times is the only logical explanation of how the White Race came into existence. The Albino colonies produced more and more Albinos until there was an Albino Race.

The Finnish, Swedish, and Danish people are "as White as pure driven show" with blonde hair that is almost White. The two groups of people show a strong evidence they were part of the composition of the Albinic/White Race that moved northward. White European geneticists that the union of two albinos will produce children that are affected with albinism have validated it. The parents of albinos are often consanguineous since it increases the likelihood that both will possess the same gene. The Albion tic condition creates an extreme sensitivity of eyes and skin to the sunlight.

There was a migration of the African Albinos northward to what the world recognizes as Europe. During Biblical times Europe was part of Africa. Europeans themselves designated and divided Africa into the regions of the "Middle East" and "Europe."

Skin color is determined by melanin. The large molecule of the pigment melanin is formed in the skin cells from a much smaller molecule called tyrosine. Tyrosine is colorless and is present in all cells. In the skin cells of most human beings there is at least one gene whose job is to manufacture tyrosine. If the gene is of a type that can form considerable quantities of tyrosinase, the skin cell is like a well-staffed factory.

Considerable quantities of melanin are formed, and the person possessing that gene has dark-brown skin, black hair, and dark-brown eyes. If the gene were a type that manufactured only a small amount of tyrosinase, the reverse would be true. Little melanin would be formed, and the person would have fair skin, light hair, and light eyes.

An Albino's genes do not form tyrosinase at all. No tyrosinase occurs in their cells and no melanin can be formed. Such people have very fair skin, white hair, and no pigment at all in their eyes. The eyes look reddish because small blood vessels can be seen through the transparent colorless iris of the eye (Boyd & Asimov, 72).

The Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland make up the Nordic people. Nordic traits include long slim bodies, long oval faces, White alabaster skin, straight blond hair, and blue or gray eyes. Nordic people have thick yellow-white eyebrows, and facial hair. The Nordic traits clearly distinguish and identify Albino traits or visa versa--take your pick.

Ireland at the end of the last Ice Age

The most recent period of continuous human occupation in Ireland lags behind the rehabitation of most of Europe following the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) (25,000 to 15,500) years ago. During much of the final Pleistocene period following the LGM much of northern Ireland was covered by glacial ice, making the climate inhospitable for most European animals and plants. During the period between 15,500 and 10,000 BCE a warming trend and a cool period allowed the rehabitation of northern areas of Europe by nomadic hunter gatherers. Genetic evidence suggests this reoccupation began in the southwestern Europe and faunal remains suggest a refugia in Iberia that extended up into Southern France. The original attraction to the north during the pre-boreal period would be species like Reindeer and Auroch. There is now evidence for sites as far north as Sweden >10,000 years ago and some suggest that humans used glacial termini as places from which they hunted migratory game.

These factors and the changed ecology brought humans to the edge of most northern European ice free zones by the onset of the holocene and this included regions proximal to Ireland.

There is no evidence that humans occupied Ireland at this time, but on the eastern side of the Irish Sea one site dated to the 11th millennium BCE was discovered that indicated people were in the area eating shellfish and other marine diet. It is possible that humans did occupy the region but found few resources outside of coastal shellfishing and acorns and did not continually occupy the region.

As the northern glacier retreated, so did sea levels rise with water draining into an inland sea where the Irish Sea currently stands; and the outflow of freshwater and eventual rise in sea level between the Irish and Celtic Seas inhibited the entry of flora and fauna from Europe via Britain.

And see ... World Civilization mystery Euro-Asia,Aryans,Greece,Egypt,Syria,Leban,Caucasus,Albania,Africa,Atlas,Atlantis,Civilization. There was maybe a big Island which had split by the Big floods and created continents which were like the boats who took the people of the same Old Civilization with them, to create new civilizations,in which we now find many similarties.Before the Flood of Mediterrain, there was a Land which had a great Civilization which was destroyed by the flood and earthquakes, forcing people to move north,east and south to create new life,nations,kingdoms,civilizations.If that part of the world was the so called Garden of Eve, or Atlantis than we must look deep inside the waters of the Mediterranian Sea to find their remains.Maybe Lybia,Egypt,Israel,Syria,Leban,Turkey,Greece and South Albania and Italy (and others there) were the lands around that Old Civilization which was flooded from the west. These countries did bring the remains of the Old Civilization and Teaching to us. Maybe Adam,Noah,and later Abraham and the Jews,the slaves of Egypt were from those areas which were later destroyed by floods that created the present Mediterrain Sea. Maybe some of these old people did move as far as Caucasus(Albanians etc)where they split again in two different ways;to north and south,to Europe and Asia.But still there were many other ways and directions out of the destroyed old land of Mediterrain Sea, which was the centre of the Big Island,the World Land before it separated in many continents.Was that centre the Garden of Eve or the heart(temple) of Atlantis? Maybe the whole Big Island,World Land was called Atlantis or Lemuria or other names.There was Ocean like snake around it but was there another Old Land in the other side of the Globe where now remain the Pacific islands ? Was the real Atlantis there? Were there two or just one? Mythology maybe told a real History and we must look and dig more in it(myths).

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