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Monday, August 04, 2008

Six Nations: Peace and Friendship Gathering Indigenous sovereignty - Environmental protection - Anti-racism and social justice See below for the DRAFT schedule PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY *She:kon,* The Haudenosaunee Men's Fire at Six Nations welcomes people from all four directions to come and participate, support or volunteer at a historic gathering at Six Nations of The Grand River. The vision for this event was inspired from the work that has been accomplished by the people of Six Nations in the spirit of the Great Law of Peace and the Good Minds that have been tireless in moving this vision forward. The event is being organized by a grass roots committee of Six Nations residents and supporters. The Gathering will feature: * Awesome entertainment each evening, including popular bands from Six Nations * Teachings on the real history, language and traditional activities * Sharing what is happening in other territories * Working together, in solidarity, with labour, environmental, anti-racist groups * Workshops on protest tactics and techniques * Film screenings * Full youth-focused program, including lacrosse demo and workshop The Gathering will kick off on Friday, August 22, with orientation, introductions, potluck supper, social and entertainment (including The Breeze). Friday is hosted by the Oneida and Cayuga nations (The "younger brothers") and will feature a Welcoming Ceremony with the theme of "unity". Saturday is hosted by the Onondaga nation (the "firekeepers") and is a packed day of workshops, lectures, panels and fun stuff that winds up with a "best of all worlds" stage of evening entertainment. Sunday will focus on next steps – looking ahead at what is being planned and how to work together. This day is hosted by the Mohawk and Seneca nations (the "older brothers"). There is camping available on site and tents and sleeping bags that can be borrowed. It is not mandatory to register in advance, but it will help in our planning to know that you are coming. If you need a ride to the Gathering or a pick up at the Hamilton GO station, please email or phone us and we will do our best to get you here. This event will be absolutely drug and alcohol free. For more information: Email: Or call Ken Hill: (519) 445-2403 Or check us out at: Note that there will be no charge for attending the Gathering, but we are asking that people consider donating to help us cover our expenses. We need cash donations, gifts in kind (including food), and items for a fundraising auction on Saturday night. Please do not hesitate to contact Paul Tucker at (416) 892-3834 if you have any questions regarding the use of your donation. If you wish to make a monetary donation, please make cheques payable to CUPE 3903 who is assisting with the financial management of the event. Please mail cheques to: Paul Tucker, 237 Melita Ave, Toronto, ON, M6G 2A1. *FULL DRAFT SCHEDULE* FOR THE PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP GATHERING ** Note that some agenda items are still being confirmed – Apologies to anyone who has not yet had their timing confirmed. There WILL be a final schedule distributed. * * *FRIDAY, AUGUST 22ND* Hosted by the Younger Brothers (Oneida and Cayuga nations) *6am: Sunrise Ceremony* Organizers, volunteers and friends open the space with the Thanksgiving Address. All are welcome. *3pm: Registration and Orientation* Come to set up your camp site, settle in and tour Chiefswood or plug in as a volunteer. Small group orientations sessions will be available to give you an intro to the objectives of the Gathering, Six Nations and the site. *4pm: Youth Lounge Opens* Come chat with workshop presenters, find out what's going on and plug in, or just hang out and meet some new faces. *4pm: Onkwehonwe Christian Fellowship* Dan Hill and Jonathan Garlow from Six Nations will be hosting this space which has been set up on request to support a conversation about friendship and unity among Gathering participants who identify as Christian. *5pm: Welcoming Ceremony* Organizers, elders, the Haudenosaunee Men's Fire and other members of Six Nations officially welcome everyone to the Gathering. * * *6pm: Potluck Supper* Everyone is encouraged to come and share food, especially traditional food like corn soup and Indian cookies. Veggie stuff also welcome. There will be a large BBQ with coals waiting. *7pm: Main Fire* Roll-call introductions, announcements, overview of the weekend and an opportunity to introduce issues. *8:30pm: Sunset Ceremony* All are welcome at a ceremony to close the business of the day. *9pm – 11pm: Entertainment with "The Breeze Band"* Popular hard rocking, blues and country band home-grown at Six Nations. Check them out at: *SATURDAY, AUGUST 23RD* Hosted by the Firekeepers (Onondaga nation) * * *6am – Sunrise Ceremony* *8am – Breakfast* Coffee from Lone Wolf and basic breakfast chow provided. *9am (or so!): Drop in and hang out spaces open* *9am – 10:30am: Six Nations State of Play* Get the update directly from Six Nations Negotiators and the elected Chief what has happened at the negotiations tables with the Ontario and Federal Governments and what the expectations are for the new round, especially in light of the numerous injunctions and the recent stands that have been made in Brantford. *9am: Environmental News, Info and Workshops* - The politics of garbage: from landfills to 'what does in what bin!' - Sustainable building: Grand House Student Co-Op, University of Waterloos School of Architecture ( - Ontario's energy future and implications for the Haldimand *10:45am – Noon: Making the Stand in Other Territories* Join members of other communities to share updates on inspiring stands that are being made across this land. *10:30am - Noon: Lifting and Listening: Youth Voices Loud and Proud* Renowned and rhymic spoken word artists do a workshop by and for youth – voice is medicine! *Time TBD: Guided Tours of the Chiefswood Museum & Garden* Join expert staff of the Museum and learn about the Chiefswood National Historic Site, birthplace of E. Pauline Johnson, including tours of a traditional herbal garden. ( *Noon: Lunch Potluck* *1pm – 4pm: Workshop on Protest Tactics and Techniques* Workshop combining the expertise and experience of trainers with environmental, anti-racist and native rights backgrounds. It will include a discussion by members of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) on experiences organizing against white supremacists in the Brantford area. Participants will learn specific skills in addition to working together to build collective strategies for working in solidarity across different histories, backgrounds, and perspectives. * * *1pm – 2:30pm: Indigenous Legal Systems* Law Union of Ontario (Session #1) – Learn and share among experts in Haudenosaunee and Algonquin law about the basic tenants and structure of these indigenous legal systems, including Yvonne Thomas, Executive Director of the Jake Thomas Learning ( *1pm – Workshops and Info on Haudenosaunee Language and Culture* - David Redwolf, Taiaiako'n Historical Preservation Services, on archeology as a tool for preventing destruction of the land by over-development - Stan Farmer, Researcher and Historian, on videography and the importance of documenting traditional and ecological knowledge *2:45pm – 4:15pm: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!* Algonquin youth Jessica Yee, founder of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, will lead a youth-centered workshop on gender roles, sexuality and teen pregnancy after screening of the award winning documentary by film-maker Tracey Deer (from Kahnawake) called "Mohawk Girls". *2:45pm – 4pm: Legal Issues Mishmash* Law Union of Ontario (Session #2) – Roundtable session among experts in native, Canadian and International law. *4:15pm – 5:45pm: "Political Prisoners" and their Legal Representatives* Law Union of Ontario (Session #3) – Listen in on a candid discussion among people being criminalized for native rights stands and their lawyers. *4:30pm: Lacross Demo and Workshop* Join Mitch Nanticoke and other members of the Six Nations Arrows for a lacrosse demo and worshop. Check out the Arrows: *6pm: Potluck Supper* * * *6:30pm: Main Fire* *8pm: Screening of "A Winter Tale"* Inspired by the media hype about "black on black" violence in the inner-city, Frances-Anne Solomon's film about racism, violence and hope is sweeping up awards at international film festivals. Discussion with one of the stars, Michael Miller to follow. ( *8:30pm: Sunset Ceremony* * * *9pm – 11pm: Music and Entertainment* Enjoy an evening of the best of all worlds: popular hip hop artists from Toronto, spoken word poetry and Whisky Hollow, and more. Be prepared to get into the bidding for choice items put up for auction to raise money for the Gathering. *SUNDAY, AUGUST 24TH* Hosted by the Older Brothers (Mohawk and Seneca nations) *6am – Sunrise Ceremony* *8am – Breakfast* Coffee from Lone Wolf and basic breakfast chow provided. *9:00am – 10:30am: Higher, Faster, Stronger: Preparing to Fight for Native Rights in the Lead Up to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics* In 2010, the world's sites will be set on Canada as host to three major international events: the Olympics in Vancouver on land that is the subject of a claim, a meeting of leaders of the G8 countries, and a meeting of Canadian, U.S. and Mexican leaders to discuss the "Security and Prosperity Partnership". Find out why this is important and what is being planned. *10:30am – Noon: Preserving and Promoting Haudenosaunee Law, Language and Culture* Learn about specific ways to engage in the effort to protect Haudenosaunee language and culture. Also, members of the Beaver Clan will share their ideas and developments on rebuilding the clan system though careful, detailed research. Also, hear from a Tuscarora, Elder about important research being done on treaties. *10:30am – Noon: Indigenous Struggles and Solidarity* Looking outward from Turtle Island, this session will build from the amazing artwork of the Beehive Design Collective to educate and discuss indigenous struggles in Latin America. Looking back to home, this time slot will also include members of No One Is Illegal – Toronto on "Supporting Indigenous Struggles in the Migrant Justice Movement"; making the link between European colonization, forced migration and the occupation and theft of land on Turtle Island. *Noon: Potluck Lunch* *1pm – 2:15pm: Planning For Action Panel* Spokespeople from Six Nations, other territories, environmental organizations, native solidarity organizations, etc. will provide concise forecasts of their activities leading out of the Gathering. *2:30pm – Closing Fire* Touching base on the key ideas for moving forward. *4pm – Closing Ceremony* O:nen, Six Nations Peace & Friendship Gathering Email: Contact: Ken Hill: (519) 445-2403 or Bill & Gloria Williams at (519) 445-4349 Internet: Six Nations Peace & Friendship Gathering
Contact: Ken Hill: (519) 445-2403 or Bill & Gloria
Williams at (519)

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Two Row Wampum Treaty

Two Row Wampum Treaty
"It is said that, each nation shall stay in their own vessels, and travel the river side by side. Further, it is said, that neither nation will try to steer the vessel of the other." This is a treaty among Indigenous Nations, and with Canada. This is the true nature of our relationships with Indigenous Nations of 'Kanata'.