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Sunday, June 03, 2007

"For natives, a legal free-for-all" as the National Post says? NO! A GENOCIDAL free-for-all for Canada!! GrannyRants
It is media reports or editorials that often fuel my GrannyRants. This week it is this piece of TRASH from the editors of the National Post
"For more than a decade now, aboriginal lawlessness has been met by official docility. If more blockades and protests erupt this month, it will be in large measure due to the willingness of official interlocutors such as the Ipperwash commissioner to reward such behaviour."
They say that racism is based in fear. If so, then the National Post's Editorial Board is absolutely terrified of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Wisely so, given the National Post's genocidal editorial policy. These genocidal rantings belong in a court of law, not a national newspaper!

Canadians who take this attitude or anything approaching it are ignoring ‘the elephant in the room’. The ‘elephant’ is CorporationCanada’s lawless, often murderous and always genocidal campaign toward Indigenous Peoples, and its complete lack of humanity in relations with our closest neighbours and longest allies.

Some examples: Children of traditional Indigenous parents were literally torn from the arms of their parents and removed from their families to a foreign culture. Many still are. This alone is an act of genocide. The death rate for children in Canada’s ‘Indian Residential Schools’ was higher than in most WWII German concentration camps. Persecution, by Canada’s policies, was directed at those who maintained their traditional spiritual and cultural ways. Those who 'assimilated' under threat or reality of abusive punishment "received preferential treatment" and to this day, they remain the long arms of control that Canada holds over Indigenous peoples and their funds. Genocide was conducted to destroy their religion and culture and force them to assimilate into 'the Canadian mosaic' ... without their land, of course. Over half of the children died in the residential death camps, according to government reports. Their parents were never even informed of their deaths, according to the Anglican Archbishop. The death rate from tuberculosis in the schools was 10x the next highest rate ever on record. This does not happen by accident. It was genocide. Missionary/doctors were paid $300 each for sterilizing traditional Indigenous women. That selectivity and payment and sterilization constitute genocide. Their missionary Christian zeal for converting the heathens and stopping them from reproducing was used as a tool by CorporationCanada to devastate the people and steal their land.

TODAY Indigenous Peoples of Canada are denied use of their own land, poisoned with industrial toxins, denied benefit from the resources from their own land, denied control over the land uses, despite the horrific impact of the resource industries on their health. CorporationCanada will not share the income and land it thinks it has cleanly "stolen" from them. Canada funds their communities FAR below the poverty level and does not allow them to participate in the resource wealth that Canada generates from their land. NewsFlash: This constitutes "providing conditions of life that lead to the destruction of a people" ... It constitutes genocide.

In September 2007, the International Human Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada will begin its work, under the direction of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada who took their case to the UN. Its purpose is to bring the Canadian perpetrators of genocide to aboriginal justice, including those who abused and murdered children and those who are responsible for government policy and for church implementation of that policy and those responsible for continuing coverup efforts. The truths will be told and there will be no more secrets, and there is nothing Canada can do to stop this as it is out of Canada's hands.

It is no accident that Canada failed to pass a law against genocide until 2000, four years after the last residential school closed. It is no accident that Canada did not include ‘removing children from their group and placing them with another group’ in its law against genocide, in violation of the UN Convention on Genocide. It is no accident that children ARE STILL forcibly removed from their families for placement in residential schools, orphanages, adoption houses, foster homes, group homes ... hundreds of thousands of children. The ‘Sixties Scoop’ went on for 30 years, to the 1980’s, and the inordinately high rate of removal from their families, usually due to poverty, continues today in violation of the UN Children’s Bill of Rights, the Convention on Genocide and several other UN declarations signed by Canada. It is no accident that many of these Indigenous children and youth and young adults are still used as prey for pedophiles and rapists and abusers and murderers. It is no accident that they arrive at houses of luxury for their appointments-with-horror in police vans (Want to see the video?). It is ongoing, horrific, apparently officially sanctioned genocide in Canada today.

It is no accident either that when a uranium mine causes high rates of cancer in an Indigenous community, the doctor who reports it is silenced by Health Canada (Fort Chippewyan, March 2007), to allow the people to continue to die without interference. No accident that 10% of the residents of Grassy Narrows have Minimata disease from pulp mill mercury poisoning, and legions of learning and other disabilities from toxic herbicides and pesticides aerial sprayed on their community as if they weren't there, by clearcutting logging companies operating on their traditional land without permission. It is no accident that a man from Barriere Lake PQ suffered permanent brain damge from an attack by a Domtar logger's machine, lifted up and then shaken off as if he was an annoying insect. In light of all of this, one has to ask ‘WHY?’ Brian Mulroney said it most succinctly on CBC TV recently:

“We stole their land”.

The UN said it harshly to Canada in 2004:

Ever since early colonial settlement, Canada’s indigenous peoples were progressively dispossessed of their lands, resources and culture,
a process that led them into destitution, deprivation and dependency, which in turn generated an assertive and, occasionally, militant social movement in defence of their rights, restitution of their lands and resources and struggle for equal opportunity and self-determination.

Canadians have no legal rights to the Indigenous land upon which we all live. We never conquered them and they never surrendered their sovereignty. We have nation-to-nation peace treaties with them that allow us to live on their land. We have broken every treaty. Thus, Canadians no longer have any land rights in Canada because our elected officials and bureaucrats have not upheld our part of the lawful agreements that allowed us to live on the land and to become a nation. Our nation was founded on a lie that it was "our" land and that the land contained "our" resources. As the Indigenous people say

"Did you bring that oil with you from Europe?"

The truth is that Canada is founded on a criminal empire of corporations whose only interest is raping the land for greed, killing as many people in their way as necessary using increasingly sophisticated means, and shipping the proceeds of greed "offshore" where it cannot become part of Canada's operating funds via taxation. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and we all have to answer for our crimes eventually.

CorporationCanada exists in a complete and utter state of lawlessness with respect to its treatment of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. CorporationCanada, a violent sociopathic aggressor, now cornered, frantically hoarding its ill-gotten gain, viciously, evilly defending itself with poison darts from the ramparts of its own shame.

Is the NATIONAL POST is the flag bearer for Canada's criminal regime?

It is a criminal act to counsel for genocide.

And it is a criminal act for Canadians to remain silent about genocide.

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Two Row Wampum Treaty

Two Row Wampum Treaty
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