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Sunday, June 03, 2007

"A symbolic request" (?!?!?) IPPERWASH
Dear Canadian Politicians: It is not "too soon" but it will soon be 'too late' (!!) to return the Camp and Park at Ipperwash to the rightful titleholders, and expect to reap any goodwill for it. Governments have had twelve years to prepare to pay the piper for this abomination!! Why the hell is the land not ready? Why the hell is it not already returned?? Canadians don't care about your stupid, wasteful, inhumane, shameful 'negotiations' to "limit the liability of the Crown".
It will soon be too late for it to have any effect in improving relations with Stony Point. Another opportunity squandered on behalf of the Canadian people without our consent. Thanks! (not) Canadians despair of their governments. It is absolutely crystal clear that CorporationCanada and its henchpeople, CorporationOntario, etc. etc. DO NOT HAVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF CANADIANS IN MIND when they deal with aboriginal issues. Corporations only care about their bottom line. We'd like to know where all the money is going!! Never mind ... we know ... the wealthy have it all and it has gone offshore to avoid doing any good for the ordinary people, and the middlee class run faster and faster and the poor get poorer. Canada is facing a well-deserved economic meltdown if the Indigenous people follow through with nation wide road and rail blockades. Canadians know that, and the mass of Canadians typically follow our governments like sheep ... but apparently ... NOT ANY MORE! ... a recent Angus Reid survey found that 35% of Canadian adults SUPPORT the BLOCKADES on the Aboriginal Day of Action June 29. SIX MILLION CANADIAN ADULTS ... and growing daily ... would rather see our governments go down in economic flames than continue to support our governments' GENOCIDAL campaign against the Indigenous people who share their land with us. Canadians are disgusted beyond belief. It will never be business 'as usual' for our governments again. SIX MILLION CANADIAN ADULTS and their children would rather contemplate living with Indigenous governance than perpetuate our current corrosive, corrupt and criminal governments.
Hello ... anybody there? WAKE UP POLITICIANS !!! This is not 'a symbolic request'. This is your last chance!!
ON JUNE 29 ... Think about it ... if there is one cop or one soldier near any one blockade anywhere anytime, it can go nationwide in a cell phone call.
If it goes nationwide, CorporationCanada is a goner. Apparently millions of Canadians don't think that is too horrible to contemplate anymore. Apparently many of those millions of Canadians, may be at the blockades!!
And this is not a 'symbolic' statement.
A symbolic request The Canadian Press TORONTO (Jun 2, 2007) The brother of an aboriginal man gunned down by police during the infamous occupation of Ipperwash Provincial Park a dozen years ago wants the land returned to his people -- something the province isn't quite ready to do just yet.A day after the results of a public inquiry into the death of Dudley George were released, his brother Sam George, pictured, issued a plea yesterday for Ontario to return the park to the Kettle and Stony Point First Nation as a way to restore peace. The inquiry report found government impatience and unwillingness to settle aboriginal land claims contributed to the death.Premier Dalton McGuinty said it's too soon to decide whether the province can commit to returning the land."I understand the symbolism that Mr. George is attaching to the future of the land. ... It may be that we can do something with that sooner rather than later."Regardless of any commitment to return the land right away, George said, moving on the recommendations of the inquiry will be a key step to healing old wounds and building trust between aboriginals and government.Creating a Treaty Commission of Ontario and a separate ministry of aboriginal affairs were two of the key recommendations in Thursday's report. Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay said yesterday that "the stars are aligning" to make those recommendations a reality.

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Two Row Wampum Treaty

Two Row Wampum Treaty
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