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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Natives know two-tier justice well ABORIGINAL LAND CLAIMS Posted 18 hours ago

It certainly is heartening to see such law-abiding, civic-minded citizens as Robert W. Archibald (letters, Sept. 9) step up to the plate with (negative) commentary when "members of certain groups" (natives) disrupt the thieving and deceitful activities of certain other groups who have wreaked havoc upon the entire judicial process as applied to the people of Six Nations (and natives in Canada in general) since the late 1800s and even prior.

One only need read author Sydney L. Harring's book White Man's Law to finally grasp what British Common Law (and subsequently Canadian law) was originally designed to accomplish; a basic tool by which native peoples were systematically, under the guise of "justice," dispossessed of their rightful lands and customs.

"Two-tier law enforcement" hasn't "just arrived in Ontario" as stated in Archibald's letter. Any native within the confines of Canadian "sovereign lands" can attest to that fact. Clearly, Archibald has bought into Gary McHale's "new" battle-cry of "two-tier justice." For us (natives), its been around for quite some time. We well know all about two-tiered justice. One can only deduce after reading Harring's book, that Canadian law, as such, has had its legal and moral underpinnings removed effectively and is race-based law since its very inception. A total and complete farce.

Archibald then goes on to say; "Perhaps it is time that the people of Brantford and Brant [County] realized that they don't count for much in the overall scheme of Premier McGuinty." As a citizen -- not "member" -- of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory who has been in the learning process since I came home in 1998, I can understand Archibald's frustration with government completely.

The people of Six Nations are, after hundreds of years of polite diplomacy, quite simply running out of diplomatic options in resolving the ongoing issue of the many outstanding claims and are at wits' end as to how it will ever be resolved. Simply put, the government is counting on that frustration as a convenient tool they hope will continue to divide us from our white brothers and sisters. They (the government), do not want you to support us in our quest for resolution and justice. You see, an alliance such as that WILL get things done. If we cannot come together as friends and neighbours in a mutually beneficial and respectful way, the problem will only continue to fester.

Where the "hundreds of new jobs slipping away" is concerned, well, I guess you had better prepare for a monstrous tax increase the likes of which you have never seen when Brantford is forced to pipe water in from Lake Erie as the Grand River simply cannot sustain uncontrolled development.

I can foresee Archibald's vision of a Mississauga West and GTA-like sprawl coming to this area. Miles of endless subdivisions and industrial complexes. Not if I can help it and NOT on our land. Perhaps Archibald wants that for his progeny. I can't say. I do know I do not want that for my people and the generations yet to come. To take from our Mother, her ability to provide for us, is a sin and a crime against future generations from all walks of life.

O. Garlow Brantford

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Two Row Wampum Treaty

Two Row Wampum Treaty
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