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Thursday, December 04, 2008


City Hall Aggressively Suspends Access to the City Hall, Public Counters with a Notice to Tresspass.

by Tim Sywyk
Greetings, Today City Hall and for over a week now have been very elusive, aggressive and complacent regarding our genuine concerns in our City, in particular Environmental Issues. Yesterday I was served notice to trespass and now today my wife while trying to retrieve information for our OMB appeal was also served the same. It is both amazing and sickening to see this Council, this City Hall, our City Hall being run by what appears to be a totalitarian goon squad full of lying two faced back stabbing councillors, staffers, and an incompetent Mayor who cannot even use a phone, unless of course you personally malign him then he will most certainly call you, write you but to act on civic issues unless your a developer, builder, a person of money and stature you might as well pee in a hurricane. 6 Months after engaging ourselves in protecting our Environment that most if not all council has either ignored or paid lip service too we find ourselves at an impasse. 6 Months later no one at City Hall will take ownership of the Environment, amazingly enough the Environmental Department Managed by Sandra Lawson is MIA or full of deception, deflection and is either unwilling nor able to combat the tons of silt that enter our watercourses, watershed, creeks and then our Grand River. Mr. Terry Spiers assured us three months ago a silt barrier would be placed at Zavarelas site off McGuiness, to date there us none, this is concerning as this property backs right upon the D'Aubigny Creek, cold water system, it is no wonder our creek looks tawny every rainfall. Our City, Council receives a big fat "0" for its track record on the Environment, as a matter of fact we had the well known Environmental Councillor give us a mere 15-20 minutes to tour these sites, the Creek and they had no idea where this was, yet votes on these developments consistently. Also we had to basically beg the councillor to go look, as I tried to Educate the Councillor all I heard about was Brown fields yadda, yadda as the biggest issue we have, I beg to differ. This hastily addressing of the issue was a sham and a debacle. The Expositor did no better when it puked out its "Muddy Waters" piece and minimized it all with the strategic placement of Mr. Gilchrest's Building offences at the end and centre to the article thereby DILUTING its intent, shame on them. There is some good news, two councillors(Cheschi Smith, McCreary), neither from my ward(Carpenter, Calnan) bothered to attend or be an advocate for their own Wards, members of their own Wards. This will in fact cost them their seats on Council. I know Mr. Carpenter wont read this as he admittedly yesterday told me he don't have time for stupid Emails, Internet. Takes up too much time of his. Shame on you Richard. Mr. John Brown the one who authored this right depleting, disgusting literature blocking access to the truth, information is also the one to investigate the hiding, lying of Planning Department and I give the example of hiding the GRCA reports both from Council and us in opposition on the 232 Grand River Ave, Penman's, this is all recorded on Rogers and by us. Shall we call the Brantford Police to Investigate itself also and scrap the SIU? Mr. Brown was to answer three questions; here they are: 1) Who is responsible for silt, sediment, erosion control on these development sites? 2) Investigate our allegations of hiding documents from the Council, Committees as a whole, the public, those who are engaging in an appeal at the OMB? 3) What policy, order, department is responsible for us being "Tagged, Flagged" by security, being followed, pre questioned before we attend public counters and further who is Sandra Lawson to make such orders as Security told us she had to approve our access to these same counters?` To date we got Richard telling us Council backs Lawson, no big surprise as they all work together. They share the same ideals, workplace, employees, should we expect a true advocating voice on our behalf? Of course not, we are mere sheep running to the gate for slaughter, skinning, shearing. Amazing that these people who are to protect us from harm, act on our behalf have taken great efforts' to gag us and allow this sediment, silt debacle to continue. We have documents that speak to these issues very strongly that our City has with these developers and they are not being adhered to, enforced, an example is the Empire Homes on Shellards, Conklin before EXCAVATING was to place firmly around the perimeter of that Phase 1 an ADEQUATE barrier, last week we watched trucks enter/exit same site moving soils not within its property but to the Shellards Lane leaving a 4-6 '' mess of mud, muck that we taped truck #30 from Public Works drive right on through without a stop, hesitation. To date I challenge this City to show me one foot of this barrier on Conklin, it doesn't exist, it never existed and it is resisted to say the least. This is in the Cities own Subdivision Agreement with Empire, yet it is ignored, why?? Maybe no development will take place if these companies are held to task, just maybe................. we all hear and know the only way Brantford will live, be sustainable is to decimate farmlands at a rate unheard of for Mississauga's type urban sprawl............. all at our expense folks, wait till we get the bill for this. Keep in mind the City lost 14 million dollars from these same developers in fees as per Carpenter and yet that area already has an issue for schooling, recreation, that great planning. WE conclude our work is done, we have tried to do so much with so very little, its time others stood up to City Hall. I suggest that others stand up, be heard, be counted, we await your report that you are also now banned from City Hall, at least now I can wash the stink off of me easier on this whole mess. Its now up to you, its not just my city, its yours also. To those that endlessly supported us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Might I suggest we stop fighting our Brothers, Sisters at Six Nations and join hands with them, align with them on these issues, it is our belief that is our only hope, but hey that's just my opinion.................... p.s. I will conclude the Eagles issue at OMB as per our word, we wont walk on our fellow citizens like those we elected have. By the way, the lease payments on City Halls Lands as you refer to it as haven't been paid, maybe its time to evict those that don't pay rent, I mean it is the whiteman's ways, laws isn't it? Happy Holidays. Tim, Lisette Sywyk Brant Eagle Project TnL Productions/Digital Wampum Copyright © 2007 TnL Productions, Digital Wampum. All Rights Reserved.
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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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