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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OH CANADA! Mind Control in Canada Medical fascism in Canada: This is old information (1997), but new facts to me, though I have heard allegations of such activities. The primacy of the Masons, Scottish Rite, Shriners, Mormons, Armed Forces in league with the CIA ... DEW line ... NORAD ... these facts are news to me. However, after learning the facts of the systematic abuse and deaths of thousands of children in Canada's 'Indian' Residential Schools, horrific as this 'ritual abuse and mind control' information is, it is a relief that it is at least public too. Now if only more Canadians would wake up in large numbers and realize that we have abdicated our responsibility for the safety of Canada's children, and our responsibility for Canada itself.

I was used to blackmail a British scientist. It started in a faculty building dining room setting and then I found myself, as a child, in bed with this older man who was crying, and there was a camera trained on the bed, and he been drugged, I had been drugged as well … and here I was a child, with of course no clothes on … he had no clothes on … and he was crying and crying about what was he going to tell his wife, what was he going to tell his wife … (that was actually the least of his worries really) ... there were three people standing at the end of the bed, men dressed in women’s clothes, and it had to do with one of the projects they were working on at that time, and this particular British researcher – it was essential that he become complicit in what they were going to carry out. Lynne Moss-Sharman, Thunder Bay, Ontario, 1997

Mind Control in Canada -- Press Release

Date: 97-03-15 09:58:43 EST

CKLN 88.1 FM [Toronto-Ryerson] radio series on Canadian involvement in U.S. CIA and military mind control programs and the links to ritual abuse.

Interviews with survivors, therapists, researchers, and writers regarding unethical mind control experiments carried out by Canada and the United States on Toronto radio station CKLN-FM 88.1 Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM.

On Sunday, March 16 at 9:30 AM the International Connections program will begin the radio series 'Mind Control In Canada.' Every Sunday morning 9:30-10:30 AM on CKLN-FM 88.1 for the following eight months will focus on different issues of military and government use of mind control with a focus on the Canadian involvement in the experimental programs including:

  • The documented history of CIA/military mind control programs including the funding of projects at Canadian institutes across the country (Including the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal).
  • The military and intelligence uses of mind control including using the child victims for sexual blackmail, message delivery, information stealing, coercion and assassination.
  • The use of Multiple Personality Disorder for mind control programming and the links to the MPD effects of ritual abuse, sexual abuse and severe trauma
  • The public debate around recovered memories of abuse
  • The nature of the mind control experiments from survivors' accounts

Interviews and Lectures Include:

Dr. Colin Ross -- proves that mind control has been used operationally since World War II in a lecture of the history of U.S. CIA and military mind control experiment programs.

Lynne Moss-Sharman -- survivor of mind control experimentation and ritual abuse as a child by CIA-funded doctors. Lynne describes electricity, drugging, brain implants, sexual abuse and other brutalities that were committed on her and other children and adults in Canada and United States. Also Interview

Ronald Howard Cohen -- survivor of abduction and severe drugging by CIA and military and subsequent harrassment in attempting to publish a book about his ordeal.

Valerie Wolf -- therapist of mind control survivors who gave testimony about mind control experiments in the 1995 US Presidential hearings on radiation experiments. Also see Lecture Presentation at Believe the Children Conference Chicago - April 1997 Interview with Valerie Wolf, M.S.W., therapist to trauma and mind control survivors

Dr. Connie Kristiansen, Carleton University -- feminist psychologist talks about the backlash against therapists working with abuse survivors.

Linda MacDonald -- survivor of Dr. Cameron's electroshock, drugging, forced sleep, and psychic driving 'treatment' at McGill University in Montreal and has successfully pursued compensation from the Canadian government.

Alex Constantine -- researcher, author of 'Psychic dictatorship in the USA' speaks about high-tech mind control technology and the legacy of damaged survivors it has created.

For more information contact:

CKLN-FM Radio 380 Victoria Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 1W7

Phone: (416) 595-5068 Fax: (416) 595-0226

Email - producer Wayne Morris:

COMPLETE SERIES OF TRANSCRIPTS HERE ... Oh Canada ... ! All of these people know, and are brave enough to go public. How many more communities in Canada will step up?

We designed the conference so it was appropriate for both Native and non-Native agency workers. We had representation and participation from Beendigen, the Native women's shelter and now women's and men's counselling unit, and they work with children too; the Canadian Mental Health Association; the Children's Aid Society; Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons; the battered women's shelters here in Thunder Bay - and we actually received our direct sponsorship from Faye Peterson Transition House; representation from Confederation College; the Refugee and Immigrant Women's Office; Family Services Thunder Bay; Ojibway Family Services; Geraldton Mental Health Services; Hoshizaki House - a northwestern Ontario based shelter for battered women; the Indian Friendship Centre; Kenora Sexual Assault Centre; Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital; Lakehead Regional Family Centre; Lakehead University; the London Sexual Assault Centre; the Ojibway Tribal Family Services; Meno Bimahdzewin Child and Family Services; the Ottawa Sexual Assault Support Centre; Oakland Place - Women in Crisis, Algoma; People Allied for Change Through Empowerment, the psychiatric survivors advocacy group in Thunder Bay; the Plummer Hospital Sexual Assault Care Centre in Sault Ste. Marie; Thunder Bay Police; representation from Toronto Rape Crisis Centre; representation from the Wunnemin Health Council which is a band council service group from a reserve that is primarily Ojibway speaking. We had students who volunteered and participated from the Department of Social Work and Psychology, including post graduate, from Lakehead University. Students who volunteered from the Departments of Aboriginal Studies and Social Services at Confederation College. There was also registration from post-graduate studies in psychology from Carleton University and the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

*** In many cases it literally is to carry information and to be used for blackmail purposes and to be used in pedophilia among high-ranking people who either have to be brought into the fold or reminded of their place in the hierarchy. There are certainly the assassin programs, that is a very hard one to come to grips with inside yourself when you start to remember exactly what your hands have been taught to do. For example, I know how to scalp someone three different ways. Not a Betty Crocker Little Homemakers Oven trick is it?

There are many instances ... and Jonestown always comes up ... and the experimentation at Walla Walla Prison ... there seem to have been some assassin programs produced at Oakridge Penetentiary here in Ontario in the late 1960's and early 1970's under a programming and LSD experiment conducted by Dr. Elliott Barker in that institution. He is still practicing in the Midland area today.
Yes, I know. I worked at Penetanguishene Regional Mental Health Centre in the summer of 1971. As part of our 'orientation' program, we went up to "The Ridge" (Oak Ridge Penitentiary for the criminally insane) for an overview of their programs. If I recall correctly, we were told that there were 4 'active treatment' units, and 8 more units where there was no treatment at all, the 'untreatables', serial killers among them. I distinctly recall Dr. Elliott Barker talking to us about his research using LSD (which only elicited giggles back then ... it was 1971). I was disturbed by what he said, though: He said they were using LSD to see if some of the 'untreatable' inmates could be turned into people who were more "useful" for specific purposes. He said more about the types of "purposes" but I don't recall those details. Did he say they were being 'trained' as assassins? I don't recall, but I do recall a feeling that he was arrogantly saying things he likely should not have said - his "God" complex was apparent. I have since been told by other former staff, of Dr. Barker's fall from grace, involvement in questionable research, but not the details. He is known to be still practicing privately in the area, and people suspect still in the same 'program' - ie, creating CIA assasins. All of this is information about the 'underbelly' of Canada, the unseen evils, is incredibly disturbing to ordinary Canadians, who are highly skilled at blocking out ugly things they do not want to know about. In fact, most Canadians would simply say "I don't think I really wanted to know that.", and they mean it: They will not pursue it, because people who do are vilified as 'nutcases' and are socially isolated. Canadians are a nation of superficial believers in democracy and the 'goodness' of people, but generally very few of us do much to defend our democracy. We are content to allow the corporations to run Canada, though we never admit that is the case either ... because we would be called a 'nutcase' and socially isolated. My theory about that is this: The dominant contingent of early settlers to Canada were refugees from the Highland clearances in Scotland, and the potato famine in Ireland, both of which were a result of the 'land barons' clearing the land of peasant farmers to pursue factory farming, mining, logging, and other industries lucrative to them, by enclosing the 'commons'. Powerless to stop the genocides, we 'Celts' dealt with the impact of being forced off the land that sustained us, the land we held in common ('the commons') by 'putting it behind us ... moving on to a new life in a new land ...', and all those other 'stiff upper lip' platitudes that people are taught by ruling cabals (in Canada, Tories; in the US, Republicans) to teach the masses to repress their invasive trauma and prevent its close examination. Thus programmed by the aristocrats to 'forget the past and move on', and with the lure of land promised in the new world, Celt immigrants became the 'army' used by aristocrats to then clear the land in North America of its original inhabitants. To expose this is to be to be seen as a 'nutcase' who bites the hand that feeds us ... the 'new world order' ... Canada ... that IS us. The Times is not just any newspaper. It has been the voice of the British establishment for more than 100 years. Along with Chatham House (the RIIA) and Tavistock, it is a principal instrument of the cabal that governs England and most of the world. That cabal consists of Jewish central bankers and British (European and American) aristocracy united by money, marriage and a belief in the occult (Freemasonry.) ANTI-SEMITISM I object to the term "the Jews" when obviously we are talking about very rich and powerful Jews who have intermarried with rich and powerful Gentiles. Sid the tailor does not control the world. I do not control the world. We are talking about rich Jews who most other Jews wouldn't even recognize: they are Freemasons. They worship Lucifer and think God is evil. I represent that silent majority of average Jews, who have assimilated, and support the national interest. Rich Jews will want ordinary Jews to take the fall when opposition to their predatory agenda grows and anti-Semitism increases. Anti-Semitism never made any headway in Europe in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century until rich Jews decided to sponsor it. There is no way Hitler would have come to power without the backing of world finance. Hitler was Time Magazine "Man of the Year" in 1938. Stalin, another Freemason created by the Money Power, took the honor in 1939. Hey let's have a war!

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Two Row Wampum Treaty
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