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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Caledonia man accused of threatening Six Nations boy Tekawennake News October 1, 2008 Charges have been filed against a Caledonia man for uttering death threats to a 10 year-old Six Nations boy last weekend near the Kanonhstaton site. At around 10am, Sunday morning, a group of eight Six Nations residents including six adults, the 10 year old and a woman were performing a protection ceremony around the parameter of the former Douglas Creek lands now known as Kanonhstaton. The precaution was prompted by an earlier incident, during which Dave Brown, a man reportedly with mental problems (sic) who lives in a house on Argyle Street which abuts the Kanonhstaton land, had driven erratically near the land and tore down a native flag from the reclamation site while shouting racial motivated epithets at those within the grounds. Fearing a repeat of the incident the group began a ceremonial sprinkling of tobacco around the parameter of the contested land for spiritual protection. “We were at the western edge of the site behind a residence, between a high wooden fence at the back of a man’s property and a chain link fence at the edge of the railway property,” said Philip W. Skye. According to his account and that of Dawn Smith, who were among the group, most had already climbed the chain link fence onto the railway tracks heading towards the burnt bridge except for the boy and his father, who was helping the lad over the fence. The homeowner, who would only give his name as Dave, appeared over his fence with a police issue billy club and ordered them off his property. “I told him that our intent was purely peaceful and that we would be out of his way in a moment when the boy and his father got over the fence,” said Skye. “This guy started hollering threats at us and waving the club around,” says Skye. “He said, ‘Keep your kids off my f-ing property or I’ll probably just kill them.’” According to Skye and Smith, the man raised the club in a menacing fashion over the boy, scaring him to tears. At this point Skye went back to help the young man over the fence, and told the man he would be pressing charges against him for threatening the boy’s life. “He said go ahead and try to charge me,” said Skye. “I asked him if he understood what I had just said and he said that he did.” After the boy and his father finally got over the fence, they went to the front of the gate at Kanonhstaton site and met with police, where the complaint was filed. “I went to the Cayuga Detachment and recorded a video statement with a police woman named Julie Lord.” said Skye. The charge of ‘uttering threats with intent’ was formally filed at that time. Police are investigating the incident. Background David Hartless is a resident of Caledonia living near the reclamation site. He is a police officer in Hamilton. He was previously very publicly involved in Caledonia protests of the reclamation. He is assumed at present to be the "Dave" wielding the "police issue billy club" ... Friday, February 23 2007 Hamilton Spectator Op-ed: According to Susan Clairmont, Constable David Hartless is the subject of a discreditable conduct investigation under the Police Services Act after he wrote an open letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty blasting him and the OPP for their lack of leadership in Caledonia.

Janie's update: During Kenneth (Sleeper) Greene's bail hearing it was made public the Tactical Response Unit (the group of snipers sent in when Dudley George was murdered) was sent in to Kanonhtstaton on a "practice run" on or about September 5, 2008. TRU was dressed in camo gear and driving ATVs. They then moved onto Kanonhstaton to arrest Kenneth Greene on September 19, 2008.
It's frightening to realize the lead officer in this incident, under oath, stated he thought the Ipperwash Inquiry/Findings were not applicable in Caledonia. He also stated he at no point consulted ANY Haudenosaunee to discuss the potential arrest. They only person he tried to contact was Lynda Powless.
There was also NO investigation into the allegations of Kenneth Greene having a weapon. (When he was arrested the officers did not search Mr. Greene's living quarters or the building where he was arrested. Mr. Greene's accuser was later involved in an incident at Kanonhstaton where he threatened two women physically and sexually. Mr. Greene's accuser was also witnessed pouring gas on his own home and attempted to set fire to it as well. This man was detained by police and sent in for a mental assessment.
It was the accuser's (and his wife's) allegations that was the determining factor in the unlawful and unjust arrest of Kenneth Greene. Mr. Greene did make bail today at the Cayuga Courthouse. He was arrested immediately by Six Nations' Police for allegedly threatening the Turtle Island News Editor/"Haudenosaunee Media Liaison" Lynda Powless. It was video footage from one of the Turtle Island reporters broadcast on Youtube and another Turtle Island News' reporter's pictures that was also a determining factor for the police to attempt to identify Mr. Greene.
Mr. Greene will be up for bail again in Brantford Court tomorrow regarding the alleged threat to Turtle Island News Editor/"Haudenosaunee Media Liaison" Lynda Powless.

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Two Row Wampum Treaty
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