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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Famous last words: We believe McColeman when he says he will not be muzzled.

Brantford Expositor

We choose McColeman

Posted 2 days ago

The front-page headline in Friday's Expositor was exactly right. The federal election race locally might best be called "Battleground Brant." You know the riding is important when Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Stephane both make last-minute visits on the same day.

Harper's stop at Patriot Forge on Henry Street was highly organized and controlled right down to the handpicked audience of Conservative supporters seen on national television waving party signs behind the confident-looking prime minister.

Dion's visit at Eagle Precision on West Street also made national TV. However, the affair was not as tightly planned and Dion was not as slick as Harper at answering reporters' questions.

We thank both men for coming to Brantford and we appreciate that they talked about native land claims, the No. 1 issue in the riding. Harper said the Conservatives will consider compensating communities whose economies have been disrupted. Dion said, if he becomes prime minister, that he will personally become involved in working toward a solution.

Just having Harper and Dion talk about land claims is a step forward in making the issue a top priority on the national agenda.

Now Brant voters must decide which local candidate will do the most for the riding. The race is between two superior candidates: Phil McColeman for the Conservatives and Liberal Lloyd St. Amand seeking his third term as MP.

Both men are hard working, sincere and dedicated. Mc- Coleman is a bit more outgoing. St. Amand has four years experience in the job. Either man would do a fine job on behalf of the people of Brant.

Which one gets our vote? Phil McColeman in a photo finish.

McColeman promises to speak forcefully for Brant in what we expect will be another Conservative minority government. We believe McColeman when he says he will not be muzzled.

Like many Canadians, we have been fairly satisfied with Harper's government since it took office in January 2006. The Harper government has cut taxes and the national debt. It has promised to remove our forces from Afghanistan. It has belatedly responded to the crisis on the stock markets.

Locally, the Conservatives got negotiations going with Six Nations, which is more than the Liberals did during 13 years in power.

Now the Conservatives must focus on achieving justice for Six Nations and restoring harmony among neighbours and confidence in development.

The Conservatives have delivered $12 million to help revive Brantford's biggest brownfield site at Greenwich- Mohawk. Yes, St. Amand obtained a promise for this amount in the dying days of Paul Martin's government but the Conservatives confirmed the money.

And they recently came through with $5 million for upgrades to the city's water treatment plant and $300 million to help tobacco growers leave the industry. Many of these growers are in Brant.

Harper's government has disappointed us with its glacial pace toward recognizing the seriousness of global warming. The Liberals, the Greens and the NDP all take the issue more seriously. However, we're not sold on the Green Shift tax plan. How does it work again?

All things considered, the Conservatives have earned another turn at government. We just hope enough opposition members are elected to keep the Tories on their toes.

For close to three years, Brant has been well represented by an opposition MP. It's time now for Brant to be well represented by an MP on the government side. That's Phil McColeman.

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Well I'll take McColeman up on that bet!

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