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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Conservatives face defeat over economy: polls


A lively Dion slams ‘out of touch' Harper

Globe and Mail Update

TORONTO — Stéphane Dion painted a picture of Stephen Harper today as a man who is “completely out of touch” with how the economy is affecting ordinary Canadians.

The Liberal leader attempted to be more empathetic than was the Conservative leader yesterday when Mr. Harper spoke to the same group - a joint meeting of the Empire and Canadian Clubs.

The contrast was stark as Mr. Harper has been criticized for not feeling the pain of Canadians in this crisis.

In fact, Mr. Dion noted that Mr. Harper did not acknowledge “the fear and hurt” being felt by Canadians. Rather, he said, the Conservative leader saw “buying opportunities” in the stock market. Mr. Harper had made that comment in a television interview with CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge.

Mr. Dion spent much of his impassioned speech criticizing the Harper record and playing up the Liberal plan; he spoke about a greener Canada but just glanced over his controversial Green Shift plan.

But in a line that drew huge applause, Mr. Dion said that the Harper agenda is “one of distortion and dishonesty.”

Hmm ... the Empire Club and the Canadian Club applauded that line ... "distortion and dishonesty" ... surprising ... and food for thought!


Conservatives face defeat over economy: polls

OTTAWA (AFP) — For the first time polls have suggested that the Conservative party could lose the October 14 election, as fears of global economic turmoil struck Canada and sapped the incumbent party's support.

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Two Row Wampum Treaty
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