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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Activists protest Conservative party in Winnipeg Aboriginals, minority political parties take aim at policies

Conservative Party members aren't the only people gathering at the Winnipeg Convention Centre this weekend.


About 80 Aboriginal activists from across Canada, as well as a handful from the U.S., have descended on Winnipeg this weekend for a three-day discussion about issues ranging from Canada's refusal to ratify the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, to the federal government's duty to consult first nations on development in their treaty areas, as well as upholding other treaty rights.

The group is meeting at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre in the North End all weekend, but last night converged on the opening ceremonies of the federal Conservative Party convention, singing, drumming and demonstrating outside the Convention Centre.

The group had a letter to deliver to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who gave last night's keynote address, but were denied access, although an RCMP officer committed to the group that he would deliver the letter himself.

Meanwhile, another group calling itself the Real Majority Agenda Coalition plans to hold a rally outside the Convention Centre at noon tomorrow to unveil a list of what it says Canadians really wanted when voting in the recent election. The group takes its name from the fact that the Conservatives formed a minority government, meaning that more Canadians voted for other parties than for them.

Scheduled speakers include members of the Canadian Federation of Students, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, as well as Joshua Key, an American veteran of the Iraq War.

The emcee for the rally is scheduled to be Lesley Hughes, who was ousted as the Liberal Party's candidate in Kildonan-St. Paul just before last month's federal election. The party cited a column Hughes had written years ago about the 9/11 attacks as the reason. Hughes remained on the ballot anyway, but lost to incumbent Conservative MP Joy Smith.

Smith and the more than 2,000 other Tories attending this weekend's conference will wrap up their confab tomorrow with votes on their policy and party resolutions.

Tory policy: What passed, what didn't. STEVEN CHASE

Globe and Mail Update

November 15, 2008 at 7:29 PM EST

WINNIPEG — The following is an edited list of policy resolutions passed or voted down by Conservative delegates:

P-106: To encourage provinces and territories to “further experiment with different means of delivering universal health care utilizing both the public and private health sectors.” FAILED

P-110 Ottawa should work with provinces and territories to get nationwide agreement to amend labour codes to provide “at risk” workers such as prison guards and law enforcement officials and health care workers and physicians the “right to know when they have been exposed to infectious diseases.” This right would “transcend the privacy rights of the infected individual.” PASSED

P-113 Party believes that Ottawa should seek “dangerous offender” status and mandatory life sentences for any person convicted of a third serious violent offence, criminal organization offence, terrorism offence or serious drug trafficking offence. PASSED

P-114 Repeal the “faint hope” clause in the Criminal Code, thus removing the possibility of parole before 25 years for those sentenced to life in prison. PASSED

P-119 Party believes the government should take “strong action” to combat human trafficking and take a lead in developing international agreements and protocols against human trafficking. PASSED

119 Excellent. Let's start with the trafficking of Indigenous children by the churches:

How many children disappeared from the 'Indian' Residential Schools?

Where are they?

How many Indigenous children are currently 'in care' of the churches or the government?

Where are they?

Were they trafficked to be the 'entertainment' at the Pickton Farm or other such establishments in Canada?

If the mucky-mucks in BC can indulge their perversions on the live and dead bodies of young Indigenous children and women, I'm sure the mucky-mucks in other jurisdictions would want to have access to such 'cluby-clubs' as well.

Sounds like a good place to start in Canada. Make those fancy anti-trafficking laws lock-tight, then arrest all the perps and people trafficking Indigenous children in Canada.

Of course, the next day the wheels of justice and governance and religion and business in Canada may be sorely depleted, with all the mucky-muck cluby-club people in the slammer.

It would be interesting to see just who the clients of these establishments are, the perpetrators of crimes on children and women. It would be nice to publish the names of people in Canada who watch children die for entertainment.

Anti-child-trafficking behaviour has to start at home, eh?
P-202 Party reaffirms the legitimacy of the entire Charter of Rights and Freedoms including Section 13 (the notwithstanding clause). PASSED
202 I dare ya! 'Nuff said about that.

P-203 Party supports legislation to remove authority from the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal to regulate, receive, investigate or adjudicate complaints related to Section 13 (hate messages) of the Canadian Human Rights Act. PASSED

203 Our tory government demands an unfettered right for people to promote hatred to children in our public schools, teachers like Paul Fromm, 'Free Speech Activist' for 'white nationalists'. Paul Fromm flies the Red Ensign, because he is loyal only to the era in Canada when the law was 'white immigration only'. He's a home grown Canadian white supremacist, fired from his teaching duties, and a 'freedom fighter' for hatred and discrimination.

On Halloween, the Ontario College of Teachers made sure that neo-Nazi teacher Paul Fromm will no longer be able to hide his sorry a** in the classroom. Fromm, a holocaust denier and founder of a number of fascist organizations in Ontario, as well as an associate of well-known Nazis around the globe like David Duke, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and the late, unlamented Wolfgang Droege, has had his teaching license revoked for having such connections.

And more to the point, Fromm lost his Ontario teaching certificate for forcing his heinous views on students in the classroom. Revoking Paul Fromm's teaching license ... Now that is nice work! Here's a Fromm quote from below ... "Immigration can KILL you!"

posted Monday, July 7, 2008

Paul Fromm FOR OUR PEOPLE: Immigration: Canada's Silent Health Threat

Paul Fromm: FOR OUR PEOPLE Immigration: Canada's Silent Health Threat

"The health effects of Canada's dilapidated immigration system are one of the scariest, most shocking, and disgusting parts of the immigration fiasco. These pages will sketch a picture of the effect of unchecked immigration on us; This may have been ignored by Canada's ruling Elite, but carries dire consequences for hundreds of thousands of helpless Canadians. Immigration can KILL you!"

Paul Fromm For Our People Video Archive:

Immigration: Canada's Silent Health Threat

Yeah ... white 'pride' ... friggen ugly stuff. I do understand the concern of the media about limitations on free speech, search and seizure, etc. However the company they find themselves in, attacking the Human Rights Commission, has a most unsavoury agenda.
P-207 Party supports legislation to ensure that individuals who commit violence against a pregnant woman would face additional charges if her unborn child was killed or injured during the commission of a crime against the mother. PASSED

P-213 Party supports the “full participation of women in the social, economic and cultural life of Canada” and the idea that “women must be entitled to equal pay for equal work.” PASSED

P-218 Party believes that Canada's multicultural society is a “valued reality” and accepts the need to foster understanding and equality of opportunity while expecting Canadians “to adopt Canadian common values such as equality, democracy and the rule of law.” PASSED

218 -"equality" is tory euphemism for 'no special rights' for minority Canadians or Indigenous Peoples. It's a denial of Section 25 and 35 of the Constitution.

"rule of law" is tory euphemism for ordering police to use force to remove Indigenous people asserting their land rights. (ie, NOT following the recommendations of the Ipperwash Inquiry nor the Senate Report, "Negotiation or confrontation: It's Canada's choice. The tory policy chooses to confront Indigenous Peoples in Canada with force of deadly weapons when they assert Aboriginal Title or Rights.

The Supreme Court of Canada and the Ontario Court of Appeal disagree.

[48] Where a requested injunction is intended to create “a protest-free zone” for contentious private activity that affects asserted aboriginal or treaty rights, the court must be very careful to ensure that, in the context of the dispute before it, the Crown has fully and faithfully discharged its duty to consult with the affected First Nations: see Julia E. Lawn, “The John Doe Injunction in Mass Protest Cases” (1998) 56 U.T. Fac. L. Rev. 101. The court must further be satisfied that every effort has been exhausted to obtain a negotiated or legislated solution to the dispute before it. Good faith on both sides is required in this process: Haida Nation, p. 532.
"Good faith" is sorely lacking from Canada, Ontario and municipal governments, that approve uses of traditional Indigenous land. All levels of government are complicit in approving unnecessary and costly s.p.r.a.w.l development, deadly open pit uranium mining, clearcutting forests, pumping industrial toxins into lakes and rivers and air, pipelines, rail lines, highways and on and on and on ... all being 'approved' by Canadian governments without the consent of Indigenous Peoples living off that land. The government of Ontario is the particular problem, as Dalton McGuinty, the 'Crown' in Ontario who told Ontario developers that they should not consult with Six Nations. Like Canada's federal tories, Dalton McGuinty's Ontario liberals also chose confrontation over negotiation. In Brantford, the results of confrontation are being felt as construction on many disputed sites has been ordered shut down by Six Nations, until the 'Crown' fulfills its "duty to consult and accommodate" the rights of Six Nations people on that land. The construction crews pulled out, went to other jobs. Nice work tories and liberals! Instead of consulting, none of the Brantford sites go ahead now.

P-222 Party recognizes that temporary workers can be a valuable source of potential immigrants because of their work experience in Canada. Calls on government to develop pilot projects designed to address serious skills shortages in specific sectors and regions of the country that can attract temporary workers to Canada; examine ways to aid the transition of foreign workers to permanent status from temporary status and ensure that these workers receive the same protections under minimum employment standards as those afforded Canadian workers. PASSED

P-223 Government should in consultation with provinces, territories and aboriginal leaders, direct an independent audit of all social services providers to aboriginal communities to determine what if any measures of effectiveness are employed and whether the programs provided result in desired outcomes. Ottawa should also establish a three-party co-ordinating body to develop strategy for co-ordination of all programs and services provided to aboriginal communities. The Auditor General of Canada and counterparts in provinces should evaluate the actual outcomes as well as the financial accountability in audit reports on aboriginal services. PASSED

223 - "audit of all social services providers to aboriginal communities" is tory euphemism for 'If you 'Indians' persist in asserting your (legal) land rights we'll starve your single mothers and their children'.

It's an old Canadian government favourite strategy, starving and threatening and terrorizing the most vulnerable Indigenous people into submission, especially threatening families and children who have greater need for support. When the first National Aboriginal Day of Protest was announced, the federal government threatened all Aboriginal communities in Canada with "audits" too. Are we supposed to be proud of Canada for that?

Let the federal government audit something useful for a change: Audit the money spent by the federal government in 'negotiating' Aboriginal 'land claims'. Tell us how much we pay for that, and what the results are, "the actual outcomes as well as the financial accountability" to Canadians.

We may have some suggestions on how that money can be better used, like in stopping the underfunding of Indigenous children's welfare, education, health!

... like in actually settling our debts to Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Instead, Canada just drags out negotiations as long as possible, ducking and weaving and evading the laws, until the generation bringing the claim dies off. That is Canada's primary negotiating strategy. Are we supposed to be proud of Canada for that?

An audit could point to some more constructive federal, provincial and municipal strategies, like upholding the law, the duty of 'the Crown' to consult and accommodate Aboriginal Rights: "A say in development and a share in revenues on their traditional land. It's the least we can do, and do it immediately, while the feds still drag on their defense against the 'land claims' (Aboriginal Title).

And Canada must immediately double the funding for children and family services on reserves, to approach the same level of funding provided for all Canadian children. Dollar for dollar, they are already accomplishing a lot more for the children and youth on reserves than our public schools do. The lower graduation rates, higher suicide rates, more traumatic outcomes for Indigenous children are arguably a direct reflection of underfunding of services for children and families. At least we should fund them properly to find out. After all ...

c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

... that's one type of genocide ... and Canada wouldn't do that, eh?

And here is the description of the intent to commit genocide

Intent can be directly proven from statements or orders by the perpetrators. But more often, it must be deduced from the systematic pattern of their acts, a pattern that could only arise out of specific intent.

"systematic"? Does Canada systematically and deliberately target Indigenous children for underfunding of necessary services, inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about the traumatic demise of reserve communities and Aboriginal ways of life? It certainly appears that way to me. Are we supposed to be proud of Canada for that? And, of course, it's all about the land, and Aboriginal Rights. Indigenous children are still expendable for Canada's purpose of continuing to try to destroying Aboriginal Rights on the land we call 'Canada'. But Canada is not land ... Canada is a nation of people with Treaty Rights to live in Indigenous Territories ... Kanada.
P-301 Party supports formation of a single national securities regulator with “robust enforcement powers.” PASSED

P-303 Party believes government should eliminate tax on capital gains that are reinvested. PASSED

P-305 Party supports income splitting for couples with children. PASSED

P-306 Party favours simplifying the federal tax code to reduce the complexity of tax calculations for ordinary Canadians. PASSED

P-308 Party supports right of workers to organize into unions but also respects private property and the decision of fellow workers not to participate. PASSED

308 "respects private property" is tory euphemism for ordering police to use force against legally striking union members, to remove them from picket lines blocking entrance/exit of employers. It means union members are dragged off and forced into police cruisers, while scabs go in to do their jobs!

Ya, right! Can you say 'GENERAL STRIKE'?

P-321 Conservative government will continue to seek out bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that will improve market access for Canadian agricultural products and reduce foreign subsidies that distort trade and production. PASSED

P-101 Party believes federal and territorial governments should make joint investments to study and address climate change adaptation in the North. PASSED

P-104 Party believes government should work with provinces and territories to promote the development of ecological recycling plants using incinerators that capture waste gas and transform it into energy. PASSED

P-105 Party supports exploration and development of offshore oil and gas resources in Canadian waters including the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic. Supports ensuring that “accurate and complete information on the risks and benefits of such development is made available to the public.” PASSED

P-111 Party supports government amending the Canada Health Act to permit the funding of complementary health services which demonstrably improve people's health. FAILED

P-122 Party believes the government should commit to providing the best possible services and benefits for veterans and their families in recognition of their service to Canada. The party is also committed to keeping the memory of Canadian veterans' achievements and sacrifices alive through the promotion of public awareness and memorials. PASSED

P-205 Party believes demonstrating Canada's presence in the Arctic requires both political and economic development in northern Canada and that government should work with territories to streamline regulatory processes; make substantial investments in the territories particularly in transportation infrastructure; and fast-track the devolution of “provincial-type” responsibilities to the territories. PASSED

P-208 A Conservative government would revamp the federal student loan program to eliminate the inclusion of parental income and assets in the assessment of loan applications. FAILED

P-209 Conservative Party supports abolishing employment insurance contributions paid by students when they have a summer job. FAILED

P-307 Conservative Party recognizes importance of innovation to creating a flourishing Canadian economy. This means providing support for businesses by ensuring low corporate and small business tax rates and enhancing tax credits for companies who do significant research and development. FAILED

P-311 The Conservative Party supports investing in scientific infrastructures specializing in polar scientific research in order to increase the body of scientific knowledge on the Arctic region. PASSED

P-312 Party continues to support exploration for fossil fuels, pipeline construction, transportation efficiencies and plant improvements to increase energy efficiencies and reduce pollutant and greenhouse gas discharges. It supports the application of nuclear energy and associated industries while reducing negative impacts on the environment. Also believes the government should support and encourage the private development of alternative sources of energy and fuels including wind, solar, geothermal sources; alternative transportation fuels such as bio-diesel from oil seed crops and methanol, ethanol or methane from biomass and organic waste; fuel cell technology and the use of hydrogen as transportation fuel. PASSED

P-316 Party supports policies and initiatives that will strengthen the viability of family operated businesses in areas of agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and forestry. PASSED

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Two Row Wampum Treaty
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