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Saturday, November 15, 2008

TRUE presents: "Rule of Law" and "Indigenous Rights" What it is - what it isn’t

MEDIA RELEASE - Nov. 15/08 TRUE presents: "Rule of Law" and "Indigenous Rights" What it is - what it isn’t

One of the most important and pressing topics to residents of Brantford, Caledonia and Six Nations will be addressed December 3rd when the perceived conflict between the concepts of "Rule of Law" and "Indigenous Rights" will be discussed in depth buy lawyers, Andrew Orkin and Jessica Orkin, at the Wilfrid Laurier University Odeon Theatre at 50 Market Street in Brantford, from at 7:15 pm until 9:30 pm.

Confusion and misunderstanding on this complex subject is at the root of recent conflict and turmoil between First Nations and settler governments across Canada, but more locally, between Six Nations and its neighbours in Caledonia and Brantford.

International human rights and constitutional lawyer Andrew Orkin, LLB BCL McGill, Orkin Barristers, Hamilton - Toronto, originally from South Africa, served for 10 years as co-council for the Dudley George Family before and during the Ipperwash Inquiry. In his 20 year long career since arriving in Canadian, Orkin has been successful in several high profile Human Rights and Indigenous Rights cases, both in the Canada Courts and at the International court level.

Jessica Orkin, BArtsSci McMaster, MPhil Oxford, JD UofT, of Ruby & Edwardh Barristers, Toronto, is a Criminal and human rights lawyer, presently involved in the Brantford City Hall launched court injunction and subsequent legal actions against a number of Six Nations individuals for defending, what they believe to be, their land.

The Nanfan Treaty of 1701, the Royal Proclamation if 1763, , the Haldimand Proclamation 1784, the British North America Act 1867, the Constitution Act of 1982, as well as points in international law will be explained. Given the importance of this subject, we anticipate lively discussion and loads of information relevant to us all.

This will the the last session in our information lecture series for this year. TRUE began in January of 2008 as a Brantford based citizens group with a mandate to offer a forum to help educate Brantford and area citizens about the people, culture, history and problems facing Six Nations.

"The lack of education about the people of Six Nations is the root cause of tensions between our two communities," says TRUE co-founder Jim Windle. "It wasn’t until I began working as a journalist at Six Nations that I became aware of how very little I knew. The information we want to bring to others through our meetings is not taught in our schools and goes largely ignored by the mainstream media."

Windle and his partner Marilyn Vegso decided almost a year ago to try and do something about this lack of understanding. The foundation of TRUE is built on one of the most important treaties made between the Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse) and four successive European governments who landed and settled on what was known to Six Nations as Turtle Island - North America. It is called the Two Row Wampum. An agreement that outlined how the Haudenosaunee and European new comers could share the vast resources of Turtle Island in peace and mutual respect.

"It’s long past time we visit these principals again," says Vegso. "As we say at TRUE, ‘Ignorance of the facts is not racism, but racism has its roots in ignorance.’"

Everyone is welcome to this free-to-the-public information session presented by TRUE - Two Row Understanding through Education. Seating is limited so come early. Call 519-732-5700 or visit our Facebook address at for more information.

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Two Row Wampum Treaty

Two Row Wampum Treaty
"It is said that, each nation shall stay in their own vessels, and travel the river side by side. Further, it is said, that neither nation will try to steer the vessel of the other." This is a treaty among Indigenous Nations, and with Canada. This is the true nature of our relationships with Indigenous Nations of 'Kanata'.