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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Walk against Dump Site 41 I grew up on this water in Simcoe County, and it is the best in the world in my opinion and according to water tests: "The purest water ever tested". Steve Ogden is a childhood friend, and has fought the dump site for several years. Building a dump site on top of the world's best water aquifer is the dumbest idea going!
Please join us to greet the walkers in Toronto at Queen's Park, on Friday Nov 21 at noon. granny
First Nations artist Danny Beaton is walking in opposition to Site 41.He says when it comes to the dump site, Simcoe County should ... Posted By DOUGLAS GLYNN Posted 31 mins ago The Canadian Environmental Law Association has expressed its support for an environmentalist's walk to Queen's Park to draw attention to what he says is "the potential destruction of one of most pristine water supplies in Ontario." Danny Beaton is planning to walk from Tiny Township to Queen's Park to appeal to Premier Dalton McGuinty to stop Simcoe County's proposed Site 41 landfill. In a letter to Beaton, Christopher Waffle writes, in part, that the association "supports your efforts to safeguard the drinking upon which you, your family and your community rely." In another show of support for Beaton, Wayne and Carolynn Fishleigh of Penetanguishene gathered a group of drummers together last night to drum for an end to Site 41. They said they chose Remembrance Day because those who died fighting for Canadians' freedom were also protecting the right of their children and grandchildren to clean drinking water and a safe, healthy environment. Beaton, a Mohawk writer and filmmaker with roots in the Six Nations, plans to start his 160-kilometre, seven-day walk on Friday from the Tiny Township farm of Steve Ogden at 1249 Marshall Road. He says he will begin at 8 a. m. with a traditional Native Sunrise Ceremony, followed by drumming and singing "to honour our sacred Mother Earth and Mother Earth's sacred blood, the Water, and our Great Creator and all the life-giving forces." Ogden, a member of the Site 41 community monitoring committee, will join Beaton on the trek down County Road 27 to the Simcoe County offices in Midhurst, then through Barrie to Highway 11 and south to Toronto. Simcoe North MPP Garfield Dunlop, who has introduced a Private Members' bill in the Legislature aimed at stopping Site 41, has said he will walk part way with them. Beaton has invited David Suzuki, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, and Maude Barlow, chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and politicians to join him at Queen's Park. Beaton, who in 1992 received a Governor-General's medal for contributions to his fellow Canadians, has been active in the Native cultural and arts scene for many years. He has produced and directed four nationally-broadcast films that feature indigenous spiritual elders voicing their concerns for the need of society to return to spiritual values and the protection of "Mother Earth." Beaton said he plans to arrive at Queen's Park at Noon on Friday, Nov. 21, where he will conduct a "ceremony honouring Mother Earth" and appeal to the Premier to "put our minds to rest and defend the future of the water supply for children." His route along Highway 11 (with stopovers in brackets) will be : Friday (Midhurst); Saturday (Barrie); Sunday (Fennells Corners); Monday (Bradford) ; Tue sday (Aurora) ; Wednesday (Richmond Hill); Thursday (North York); Friday (end at Queen's Park). Beaton says he is concerned that the groundwater under the proposed landfill site will become contaminated by garbage, affecting "not only the water supply relied on by area farmers and residents, but also the waters of Georgian Bay." - - - Beaton's Route Danny Beaton's route down Highway 11 will take him to: Friday (Midhurst); Saturday (Barrie); Sunday (Fennells Corners); Monday (Bradford); Tuesday (Aurora); Wednesday (Richmond Hill); Thursday (North York); Friday (end at Queen's Park) Article ID# 1292381
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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Two Row Wampum Treaty

Two Row Wampum Treaty
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