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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Six Nations, Brantford: "Motives for flak over protests not what they seem" There's a lot of flak pouring into the editorial section of The Expositor over the disruption of the medical centre project caused by Ruby and Floyd Montour. Citizens firing up their pens, the mayor voicing his concerns. Vicano despairing of how the company is trying to provide such a badly needed service to the people of Brantford. Crap! And you all know it. Vicano is in this for one reason only -- profit. Nothing more. The mayor: Keeping his promise to Vicano as a gesture of his appreciation for campaign donations made to him by Vicano. Citizens screaming blue murder: Floyd and Ruby are criminals! They ought to be charged. On and on and on and on! You might feel differently when you see the restaurant, hotel and gas bar go up with Phase 2 shortly after the medical centre is done. "Aha! So that's why they were crying 'foul' so loud against the Indians." It's all about profit. And telling the press about how Vicano had definitely consulted with "someone" at Six Nations. Tell me, where was all of this deep concern when a walk-in facility, accessible to so many, closed this past year? Where was all this passion for medical services then? Where were the voices of your mayor and council? Where were the voices of Brantford's citizens? Not a peep. Not one! And, can anyone tell me why the old Canadian Tire and BMO property on Colborne Street East would not have made an excellent site for such a centre? Much more accessible to the handicapped, elderly and the poor who cannot afford public transit to "Mississauga West" at the 403 and Garden Avenue. Imagine in the dead of winter when the frigid winds are blowing and the poorest of the poor in Brantford must make their way to this remote facility on the outskirts of Brantford. Watch while a single mother of four must scrape together the fare, gather up all the kids and get out there in the oppressive heat of summer, just to keep an appointment for one of the kids, or herself. Where was the indignant outcry then? What is criminal is what the city's mayor and council have allowed to happen in Brantford, but I hear no one calling for their skins. All this because out-of-town doctors will find it such a hardship having to drive another six or seven minutes in their BMWs, Cadillacs, Porsches and Audis to reach the Colborne Street site? In answer to John Barnes' sarcasm, "Medical centre welcome on his property," Nov. 25, about not caring about thousands of mature trees coming down, not caring about whose land it is; when this insane destruction of Brantford's beautiful natural assets is done and the air quality is so bad "thousands" of people can then get out to the new "Mississauga" to have their respiratory problems looked at. I'll trust that Barnes will feel equally as charitable and has lots of room on "his" property when the hotel, restaurant and gas bar goes up and is open 24 hours a day. Floyd, Ruby, you have done nothing to deserve the sarcasm and scorn Barnes has offered up to you. Carry on doing what you do so well, respectfully and of the good mind. There is a justness about it when ordinary people fight the good fight! O. Garlow Six Nations

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Two Row Wampum Treaty

Two Row Wampum Treaty
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