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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Humourous Interlude ... Gary McHale -; Warning: Going to this site is an assault on intelligence and proof that neanderthals are not extinct. - is a parisitic bloodsucker who has attached himself to a few people from Caledonia and elsewhere who ... well ... it is not exactly clear what their purposes are but they like to march around carrying flags, including the Red Ensign, now used by white supremacists in Canada because it harks back to pre-WWII days, pre 'multiculturalism', back when 'a man was a (pasty white) man'. Anyway, McHale wouldn't be a member of any movement that would have him as a member so he's not part of any conspiracy. He is a conspiracy all by himself ... conspiring criminals out of thin air and attempting to get said imaginary 'criminals' into court ... and inspiring the Regional (Haldimand) News to new levels of pasty white trash journalism ... to whit ...

Insp. McLean is rebuked

Regonal (sic) News (sic)

July 9, 2008

On July 4, 2008 I brought a Judicial Review motion in Superior Court in Cayuga. The strength of the case was self-evident by the fact that the Crown did not oppose the motion and I took about 5 minutes to present the facts. Judge Marshall granted the motion and firmly rebuked Inspector McLean for his actions.

Ah, yes ... Judge Marshall ...
  • Justice T. David Marshall
  • "the motions judge erred in law and in the exercise of his discretion"
  • "the process the motions judge has used to date has been so flawed that we should not permit his ongoing supervision of the proceedings."
Ah, yes THAT Judge Marshall ... but do 'carry on' ... (pun intended) ...

When Inspector McLean refused to honour a subpoena served him to appear in court on Dec. 24, 2007 he no doubt believed that his rank as Inspector allowed him to deny me my right to question him under oath. But it wasn't me that he was disrespecting but the very system that he swore to uphold and the very system that makes Canada great.And the pastywhite boys sing... 'dum-DUM -da-dum

After 18 months of attacks by Commissioner Fantino and the OPP against me it may appear to Insp. McLean that he didn't have to submit himself to a subpoena issued by Gary McHale.

Whew! Well at least somebody's using his noggin! Waste of the court's time and the people's money, wot!

However, the thing that makes a democracy great and superior to other forms of government around the world is that whether you are the Prime Minister of Canada or the lowest person on the street, the Law is the Law.

Wot! The Prime Ministers of Canada are supposed to obey the law? Crikey, after 140 uninterrupted years of slime and corruption ... somebody oughta tell them that!! And the "lowest" are not the people on the street: The lowest are "kept" rent free in Binbrook.

The attitude of Insp. McLean toward the subpoena demonstrates the inherent corruption within the OPP. Officers who are sworn to uphold the Charter of Rights and the Equality of all people refuse to honour that Oath. Officers who swear to 'prevent offenses' stand by while one Race of people violently attacks another.

AHH! There it is ... the "race card" is played. One race ... violently attacks another (race). Too funny! McHale pretends he is "attacked" because of his "race". McHale is of that genotype of people who keep getting into other people's faces, walking into their fists, hell, I heard he even managed to stick his face in the way of some lady's boots! Got news for you McHale ... A LOTTA white people are NOT walking around getting into people's faces, fists and feet. Has nothing to do with race. Has to do with you being an annoying friggen flake!

How can the public ever expect moral integrity among the rank and file when the senior officers so often and so publicly show contempt for the very 'Rule of Law' that Canada is founded upon?

We have seen Court Orders and Court Injunctions disregarded by senior OPP officers as if they, and they alone, are the holders of Justice and the Law. We have seen a complete disrespect for Supreme Court Rulings and the false imprisonment of residents and so-called 'outsiders'. Whether it is Dave Brown jailed for attempting to enter his own home

OH! I just have to stop here and say ... You mean Dave Brown finally made it home one night, couldn't find his own door ... and got busted for breaking in? hahahahahhahahahahaha Oh! How heroic!

or Bo Chausse for being the first arrested for trying to put up a Canadian Flag,
Well yes ... not sure why he was trying to hang the flag in the ditch though ... and of course they had to give up that flag-ditch-hanging gig because people complained they were disrespecting the flag. Bo's not real high on your list of heroics is he Gary? I's not like he was trying to save the flag from the ditch! He was trying to put it in the ditch! Go figure!

the OPP has demonstrated that they believe they are above the Law and accountable to no one. The outright arrogance that Insp. McLean demonstrated to the court by refusing to appear in court is more striking when you realize that Mayor Trainer, MPP Toby Barrett and Hamilton Police Officer Dave Hartless each submitted themselves to the authority of the court on the same day because they too were subpoenaed. "I am offended by the actions of Inspector McLean", Judge Marshall told the Crown.

See above. Many decent people were offended by you too, Judge Marshall. So don't get all hissy when somebody does the right thing and stays away from your kangaroo court! Chances of 'the right thing' happening IN your court are pretty minimal. As I recall (see above again) Judge Marshall was already rapped pretty severely for trying to direct the operations of the police. He can sit and rotate.

And ... blah blah blah ... how important the battle is. And ... blah blah blah ... equal under the law.And ... blah blah blah the complete mercy of OPP Race Based Policies. And ... blah blah blah uphold the Charter of Rights. And ... blah blah blah ...As a Canadian I am proud And ... blah blah blah ... Freedom and Democracy And ... blah blah blah ...Freedom and Democracy in Canada is somehow evil And ... blah blah blah ... the Democratic Freedoms we love as Canadians. And ... blah blah blah ... many victories to come. Gary McHale Executive Director of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

And the PastyWhite boys sing ... dum-DUM-de-dum-dum-dum-dum-DUM-DUM-DUM !!!!

And the moral of today's blog is ...
Never set your sights so low your view is blocked by an asshole.

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Two Row Wampum Treaty
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