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Monday, July 28, 2008

Kahnesetake Saturday Night ?

Two Sûreté du Québec police vehicles were damaged during an incident sparked by a traffic stop involving a patrol vehicle around midnight. There are reports that police cars ended up being pursued by other vehicles and were run off the road.

(Jus' like Boss Hog and Roscoe! hahahaaha)

Between 12 and 15 people blocked Highway 344 west of Montreal by dragging trees onto the road.

Police spokesman Gregory Gomez del Prado said protesters also set fire to a tree trunk that was on the road and barricaded two other entrances to Kanesatake.

ahahahaha OK I have a slight empathy with the adventures of The General Lee, and this is just like an episode.
Now Bo and LukeDuke ... alla you guys ... doncha think maybe you could take those barricades down now, and put the fires out before ya leave too, eh? Ya had your fun, boys. Boss Prado's plenty ps'd and now we got two darn police cars ta fix, ya see ... and no pay for those ones! Taaaarrrrnation! Boys!
ahahhahahahaha Saturday night ... more ... Mohawks look for answers after violent weekend near Oka Posted 14 hours ago After a weekend of confrontation with Quebec police, Mohawk leaders near Oka moved on Monday to condemn violence in their community. On Friday, two police cruisers were rammed in Kanesatake and a highway was cut off by a barricade of burning tree stumps.
There are reports that police cars ended up being pursued by other vehicles and were run off the road. Straightening them curves ... Flattenin them hills ... Someday the mountain might get em, but the law never will. (oops scuse burst into song moment ahhahahahahaaha)
"The Mohawk council of Kanesatake does not support or condone the events that happened," Kanesatake territory Grand Chief Paul Nicholas told reporters Monday after a marathon band-council meeting. (... of course) Residents of the community that was at the centre of the 1990 Oka crisis have called an emergency community meeting for Thursday. "We're looking for solutions to some of the events that happened this past weekend," Nicholas said. Quebec provincial police are releasing few details about the weekend incidents, citing their ongoing investigation. They said a speeding car was stopped on Kanesatake territory Friday night. An officer used pepper spray to arrest the teenage driver and at least one passenger. A couple of hours later, trucks smashed into two police cruisers on a road outside Kanesatake, police said. The vehicles were damaged but the four officers escaped injury. (of course ... otherwise I wouldn't be making fun.) Spokesman Sgt. Michel Brunet said investigators are trying to determine if the incidents are linked. (of course not! it's just Saturday night!) "We will see in the next few days if there will (be) charges against them," Brunet said. Later on Friday night, about a dozen people dragged logs across Highway 344 near Oka, west of Montreal, and torched them. Police asked local band council members to convince the individuals to abandon the barricade. The barricade was abandoned Saturday morning and Quebec transport officials removed the debris by 10 a. m. Copyright © 2008 Brantford Expositor

And (cwuc) squawks ...
New Violence in Kanesatake

July 27, 2008 - Montreal Gazette: Mohawks lift highway barricade

July 26 - CBC: Quebec Mohawk highway blockade cleared

July 26 - Globe and Mail: Mohawks barricade highway near Oka

July 26 - CTV News: Kanesatake Mohawks put up burning blockade near Oka

July 26 - Canadian Press: Quebec Mohawks barricade a highway near Oka following a police intervention

BackGround Stories

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ahahahahahahahaahahaha ... did I mention? cwuc sucks! hahahahaaahhhahahahaha

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