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Monday, July 28, 2008 (cwuc) ... cwuc sucks! It's biased illogical rants and selective reporting of mainstream media. And that's how bad the mainstream media is ... Ryerson Press thinks cwuc is performing an important service! And cwuc sucks! Hurrah for freedom of the press in Canada ... eh? Quality press, eh? ... LOW quality! Canada has a bad case of Media Mediocrity. I will say, though, that today I agree with a certain cwuc scribejeffieparkinson that ... FANTINO MUST GO!!!

Fantino an equal opportunity abuser

July 19, 2008

Now that documents have been released detailing the testimony of Julian Fantino at an August 29 2007 court hearing for Shawn Brant, and transcripts of recorded phone calls between Fantino and Brant from the June 29, 2007 “day of action”, we are able to gain a rare glimpse into the mind of Ontario’s “top cop”.

We know that Julian is a bully when there’s a camera or microphone around to show off for, and we know that when dealing with anything remotely associated with CANACE, he is prone to making bizarre statements about violence and agenda’s that exist only in his head, but what’s he like when he’s dealing with a Native and thinks nobody is listening?

After reading 4 sets of transcripts I came two conclusions. Fantino is a man who appears to have no respect for basic human rights, and he gets as riled up by our peaceful, law abiding, demonstrations against injustice as he does by a terrorist (sic) shutting down the 401 and CN rail line.

I have no love lost for Shawn Brant. The man is a terrorist (sic), and Canada would be much better off with him behind bars where he belongs (sic), but that doesn’t excuse the despicable, childish, school yard bully rhetoric that was spewed at him by the supposed leader of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Not knowing that Brant’s phone had been wiretapped, our beloved temper tantrum prone Commissioner made some statements that can only be described as threats to Brant while trying to convince him to remove his barricades of the 401, Highway 2, and the CN rail line. Not threats to arrest him for his crimes, but threats to use his position of power to destroy the public image of Mr. Brant both in the mainstream media, and in his own community.

Some of the more interesting excerpts of the transcripts:

“You know, if you pull this off, I’m liable to say that your issues are critical and they’re important and I’ll speak to that, but if you don’t, then I’m going to go the other way, and I’m going to say that you’re just destroying, and you’re abusing, and you’re using the people, and you’re actually being a mercenary about it, using the suicide of children and all those legitimate issues, and you don’t want that because I think I can play the media routine like you do.”

“Your whole world’s going to come crashing down”

“I’m now telling you to pull the plug or you’ll suffer grave consequences.”

And the one that best sums up the belief Julian has that he has a right and a duty to use his position of authority to attack private citizens as he has attacked the members of CANACE.

“I will do everything I can within your community and everywhere to destroy your reputation”

Fantino not only admitted during cross examination by Brant’s lawyer that he made these statements, he actually claimed he was being “respectful” of Brant while making them!

When questioned about the legality of the wiretap which was placed on Brant’s phone by the OPP without a warrant, the fact that there was discussion within the OPP about illegally withholding the wiretap evidence from the defense, and asked point blank if he would investigate any possible wrongdoing on the part of OPP officers, the commissioner said no, and when pressed he offered the following explanation:

“I believe that everything that we did was in the greater good, and that’s my understanding.”

Translation - Julian Fantino believes that he has not only the right, but a duty to threaten, slander, intimidate, and violate the rights of private citizens if it will benefit what he considers “the greater good”. more ...

Caledonia Wake Up Call ? ... of the same mind as Shawn Brant ?

... whoda thunk!

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My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Two Row Wampum Treaty
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